Fun wall shelves for kids room - fun bookshelf design

New design of wood shelves for kids room, fun wall bookshelf design for arrange kids books, wooden face shelving, amazing fun face shelves design for arrange kids books at wall-shelf.

In an previous topic we offered the amazing design for bookshelf which turn into table and chairs for kids room to set and arrange kids books, and won the admiration of many.

In this topic at International decor site we offer the best new ideas for arrange books in your kids room is wall shelves, not only we offer it but we offer a new design for wall shelves.

Fun book-shelf design for kids room:

Our design in this topic is one of the most beautiful designs of book-shelf for kids room wall and arrange your kids books, Is a fun book-shelf in face style.

We can change this face expressions by changing the way arrange the books, we can make it laughs, Cries and we can make it happy and sad face as you want, all this through change places of put books in face shelves. 

photo of fun wall shelves in face styles for arrange kids books:

Fun wall shelves for kids room - fun book-shelf design 
new design of wall shelves in fun face style
amazing book-shelf design for arrange books in kids room
fun wall shelf design for decorating wall in kids room
best amazing and fun bookshelf in fun face style for kids room
red, wooden wall book shelf design for kids room in fun face style

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