Adjustable beds with Mattress, latest trends

If you like to do everything from the bed, ie, from reading, eating, watching television, or even play the 'PlayStation', here we offer a solution. Purchase an articulated bed for your bedroom and throw yourself into it the hours anytime. having The peculiarity is that you can raise the back and be a little more sitting to do all these other tasks.

Adjustable beds and mattress:

Adjustable beds with Mattress

Adjustable beds with Mattress

However, do not think that this type of beds are only in hospitals , the market gives you some for personal use in your home or residence, which may cause much more comfortable using the bed.

Adjustable beds with Mattress

Installation and use will greatly resultarte simple. The articulation of the mattress will give you the opportunity to choose the position you want to break any time. Typically, the position is adjusted by adapting the inclination of the same .

Mobile bed with mattress

Also, many of these mattresses are carefully designed to provide more comfort and adapt to the anatomy and morphology of each person. Fits the headboard (torso), the legs and the knee break. They can have up to five levels of articulation.

Adjustable beds with Mattress

People who have back problems or orthopedic problems will come to them great, because these designs are ergonomically adapted.

Adjustable beds with Mattress

 Such adjustable beds are also available for marriage, what happens in these cases, these usually consist of two mattresses together that are articulated separately , although once the quilt just put this note separation. Thanks to the mobility of both, you will not have to mess by position or inclination of the bed with your partner and everyone who wants to can adapt your own mattress.

Adjustable beds with Mattress

Its movement can be controlled by an electric motor and a remote control. Although there are also manuals, which will be more economical prices. Most mattresses are recommended viscolelasticos, spring rimless contour, foam, or different types of latex. That is, can not be very hard, but also ensures that they are not very soft, since neither benefit your back when sleeping.

Adjustable beds with Mattress

Go to a specialist shop such beds or research online to compare models of adjustable beds and prices. Adapt it as you like and play like a queen. What do you buy it?

Top tips to Decorate your home with red

The latest trends of red tones and how to decorate with red in your home or interior, top tips and ideas

You have one of the most striking in interior decorating colors. 's why, if you're reading this post, it is because we are facing a brave reader and full of personality. If anything is clear is that if you decided to decorate your home with the color of passion and strength, it is because you are a daring person.

Decorate with red tones

decorate with red, red and black kitchen

Although not Believe it is one of the tones more employees in the decor, from the bedroom to the kitchen, through the bathroom. It is a strong color, but has several shades and blends well with other , as may be gray The blue , yellow and of course the black.

decorate with red, red interior

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If you want the red predominates in your bedroom, you can choose to purchase this color furniture, paint the walls or any of them, place decorative ornaments, carpets, curtains, vases, etc..

decorate with red, red mosaic tiles for bathroom

In the kitchen or lounge you can have dishes or tablecloths. Also, keep in mind that it is a color that blends well with most furniture materials like wood and metal. in hallways and entrance is used for its liveliness.

Decorate your room in red

If you want to be even more daring, you can combine this color with orange and purple. The mixture of these three hot colors will offer serenity and harmonious spaces. Finally, although they say that red is a color that affects the nervous system, do not pay much attention.

decorate with red, red in bedroom floor

There are some articles can help you to decorate your room in red:

 If you act as background and in combination with other softer as white or pastel shades and even with black, which are colors that go very well and dampen their influence.

decorate with red, red interior living room

Everything depends on your taste and what you do feel the tones you have in your home. Moreover, at present, more and more are using this color in the decoration of houses. So, you know, stop red relate to the prohibition and employ it in the room you want.

decorate with red, red house

The exterior is also an optional place to put it. It need not be too jazzy, but with a tone can be off even give a very elegant touch . They fit both modern and classical interior therefore do not see any styles as a drawback, as even in the minimalist decor can make small strokes in additional parts or accessories.

decorate with red, outdoor fireplace

Would you dare to decorate your home with this color? Do you think it would fit?

ideal teen room decor for modern girls - color explosion

 teen room in bright colors decor

Not all girls dream of a teen room decorated in shades of pink, with white furniture or textile timber with clear and delicate prints. There are also modern girls who prefer an explosive mixture of intense colors,  like purple, green, fuchsia, turquoise, and fun accessories and textile prints that make your bedroom your private retreat, a modern, youthful and casual space.

Modern teen room decor:

furniture for teen room decor

Furniture for a teen room

If any room of the house is important to have storage space in the bedroom of a young girl more. Grab hide valuable furniture storage areas without subtracting square footage to the teen room. remember that modular furniture are always a perfect choice because it not only adapt to the dimensions of the room but also the needs of your daughter, as years go complying need more cupboards and drawers for clothes, shoes and handbags. (And you know it!). modular composition  Stuva and headboard Flaxa with open shelves and removable storage module with hidden wheels. All of Ikea.

ons for teen room decor

Accessories and Lighting for teen room

If pinks and pastel colors are not your thing, wicker baskets and lamps with fabric shades less. Find accessories to go with your style and personality. a convenient place to store jewelry and accessories , and light garland finfin with colored dots of different sizes to create a very special atmosphere in the room.

accessories for teen room decor

Maintaining in the teen room

Clothing, handkerchiefs and scarves, books and magazines, bags, films ... many things! Of all the auxiliaries necessary furniture in the room of a young girl, the supplements that help you organize your clothes and accessories are essential. Of course, a traditional rack is not enough What a dummy which leave the clothes ready for the next day? In this case, the rack Napen , Ikea has a lilac dress with sleeve. The boxes are always a perfect allies, and if they also take much better wheels. The photo is the model Vessla .

Textiles fun for teen room decor

Textiles fun to put a casual touch

Forget flowers, pictures vichy and other subtle prints. If your daughter is a fan of colorful and modern decorations no doubt that funny reasons, as well as cushions and pillows to stay away from the traditional models are your thing. Cushions Vannerna from Ikea .

Creative Ceiling lamp with hanging baskets

Ceiling lamp with hanging baskets

The Dutch designers of Roderick  created this pendant lamp with hanging baskets for her own studio and showroom, because they are fervent believers in the beneficial power of plants in work zones. Moreover, i solved the illumination on work tables.

Creative Ceiling lamp with hanging baskets

Bucklight , as it is called this lamp planter is made ​​of aluminum laser cut and lacquered in green. Bring LED bulbs on the bottom and top. But in addition, they can carry a plug inside a five-foot cable to connect any device. All this, plus the land and plant.

Creative Ceiling lamp with hanging baskets

Well known are the benefits of plants in the workplace: oxygenate and clean the air, absorb magnetic waves and increase productivity . In short, they create an atmosphere full of positive energy.

Creative Ceiling lamp with hanging baskets

Creative Ceiling lamp with hanging baskets

But these chandeliers can go without plants, if desired, but from our point of view, the way pot loses much sense and are more bland.

I suggest some of great ideas:

Bar cabinets and Wine racks for modern home

Different furniture bar with wine racks, discreet and elegant, to create a bar area in the house, built in the decoration

If you want to have for the bottles and utensils bartender , you have two options: harnessing the potential of decorative furniture bar  and leave them in sight, or store drinks discreetly in a closet organized for that purpose. In any case, rarely find furniture to fit these needs without resorting to the tremendous bars and bar that took years.

We teach more modern forms elegant and discreet to have your hand and ordered drinks. As shown, in this corner of this room we chose to keep an eye on the bar area, with base cabinet and bottle wall. 

Bar cabinets and Wine racks for modern home
Bar cabinets and Wine racks for modern home

Modern Bar cabinets and Wine racks

Bottle rack in sight:

If you like having wine at home, you know choosing the right place to not spoil the broth. Will be an area that does not suffer climatic changes, which do not receive natural light and is very warm us. The bottles in symmetrical racks give a very clean look, you can take advantage to have also other add-ons bar as ice buckets, glasses, etc..

bottle rack in sight, Bar cabinets and Wine racks for modern home

Built-in bar cabinet decoration

Two ideas with a single wet bar, built in different areas of the house. Today's furniture and stylish bar are discrete, and pass for being a piece of furniture decoration.  's top shelves can be helpful to store small items.

Bar cabinets and Wine racks for modern home

Bar cabinets and Wine racks for modern home

Console with Basket

This design allows you to have the bar area in a corner, and mobilize those drinks that you need thanks to its wheeled cart that is collected under the console. The methacrylate is optimal to give a light appearance to the area.

console with basket, Bar cabinets and Wine racks for modern home

Round Basket

The bar carts are timeless. On the contrary, constantly republished, it is a classic bar areas. When you tire of it, or you do not service, can pass other duties as nightstand in the bedroom.

round basket, Bar cabinets and Wine racks for modern home

Full bar cabinet

This cozy bar furniture has the perfect dimensions for a bar area at home. With the structure of brushed stainless steel, has three shelves and a drawer in front of acacia wood. In addition, one of the shelves carrying media to store up to twelve cups

full bar cabinet, Bar cabinets and Wine racks for modern home

Liquid 3D floors and floor murals for bedroom

High technologies continue to penetrate into many spheres of human activity, simplifying and improving it. Industry is no exception, which produces materials for repair and construction. 

We have an opportunity to choose from a huge assortment option possible satisfying all our wishes. If you've been wondering about what kind of material used to cover the floor in the bedroom, look for bulk 3D floors. To appreciate the beauty of them, check out our photo gallery that will inspire you and give aesthetic pleasure.

3d floor, 3d floor murals, bedroom flooring
Liquid 3D floors and floor murals for bedroom
Liquid 3D floors or floor murals are a solid polymer coating with a pattern or not, with a glossy or matte finish. Apply this technology for flooring in homes, places of public importance and even in industrial environments.

All because the polymer surfaces are particularly strong and durable. Leveling floors with 3D effect look beautiful in any room, including the bedroom.

Original drawing, aesthetics, perfectly smooth surface and practicality - qualities that have polymer floors.

In addition, they fire resistance, wear-resistant, easy to clean, do not fade under the action of ultraviolet rays.

Mount Technology leveling floors 3D is quite complicated, so their own to carry out this process will be difficult. Better to entrust this duty professionals. The process consists of several stages. In general, the installation takes about a week, since the polymers long time to dry.

Choosing bulk 3D floors " 3d floor murals " in the bedroom, it is important to consider the overall style of the room. You can make the floor in a contrasting color, but you can do more traditionally and select a shade close to the color scheme on the walls and furniture.

What pattern is suitable for the bedroom? 
The most important will look floral ornaments, images of water or nature. For interiors in antique style more suitable geometric patterns, designs with curved lines and curves.

If your bedroom is done in a minimalist style and fashionable hi-tech areas , then it is better to abandon any patterns and make the floor monotonous.

3D floors - 3D floor murals for bedroom:

3d floor, 3d floor murals, bedroom flooring

3d floor, 3d floor murals, bedroom flooring

3d floor, 3d floor murals, bedroom flooring

3d floor, 3d floor murals, bedroom flooring

3d floor, 3d floor murals, bedroom flooring

3d floor, 3d floor murals, bedroom flooring

3d floor, 3d floor murals, bedroom flooring

3d floor, 3d floor murals, bedroom flooring

I want to remind you my article about :

Childrens table and chairs in latest trends

Do you looking about creative table and chairs for your child and don't know what is the latest trends of childrens table and chairs!! you can see

The child tables in the same way that child seats are definitely the best option if we want our children to play or draw and also do so in a place that will perfectly suit your needs and style. If you are looking for new models and know what trends currently occurring in this type of furniture stay tuned because we will reveal all the keys. At Interior, we show the latest trends in children's tables and chairs.

I have provided one a great album of childrens table and chairs, i suggest it for you:

kids play table, childrens table and chairs
kids play table, childrens table and chairs

Article index:

  • Rustic tables and chairs children
  • Tables and chairs modern infant
  • Tables and individual child seats

Rustic childrens table and chairs:

kids play table, childrens table and chairs

One of the latest trends in decorative stylish for this is the 2014 gets the rustic design for every room in the house, so you can also choose models of child seats and tables that have wood as the main material and also has design something "classic".

This table has a perfect design for both the rustic style that you mention but also to match decor vintage . Besides the chairs are also very classic but the variety of colors bring a touch more modern .

kids play table, childrens table and chairs

For a style rustic but something more modern, we can choose tables and children's chairs that are wooden but is treated by providing it with a very modern "look." Models very resistant and actually mimic the tables and chairs used by seniors.

kids play table, childrens table and chairs

The child tables can also be panel discussions , so that children can spend fun times, without taking up too much space. This model for example, also has a PSPACE for toys under and has matching chairs also include designs for each.

Children's Table and chairs modern infant:

kids play table, childrens table and chairs

If you are looking tables and child seats that have a more modern design, we can find many models in addition to fulfilling their function, have other added and we will allow us to use the table, for example, to store toys in the drawers that incorporated below.

For this type of tables no chairs are needed, as children get used to the toys and play with them on the top surface.

kids play table, childrens table and chairs

And if you want a children table but we can put it in the living room of the house, so that we can spend more time with the kids. You can buy models like this one, which features a modern design, with oval shapes and fine wood and can also be used as coffee table.

kids play table, childrens table and chairs

Another model of modern child table can be one like this in the further inclusion chairs that have the widest part of the seat and thus will prevent children from falling so easily,
Mesa and child seats that can look great in any children's bedroom and again has the space needed to store toys.

Tables and individual child seats:

kids play table, childrens table and chairs

If your child is a little older , you can always opt to buy a small desk that allows you to start taking the best habits when it comes to homework and above all you can focus on being alone.

Models like this can be very handy table for children from 7 or 8 years and when they want to have their own space.

kids play table, childrens table and chairs

Another model child children desk wishing homework quietly without you hang the foot of the chair. A model is also very modern for both table in white , to the chair , which combines blue.

Latest designs of shower curtains and best trends

Top collection of shower curtains for modern bathroom with great patterns and shower curtains for different styles

After my article for Create beautiful bathroom window , I write about latest trends and designs of shower curtains with patterned fabric in different style

While on a recent post I talked about how to decorate a small bathroom , I want shower curtains that we can choose for this space because many people still have a bath or shower and you do not have a screen but yes they can buy shower curtains with latest designs in prints and colors. In interior decoration we see now the best trends for shower curtains.

Latest designs of shower curtains and best trends
Latest designs of shower curtains and best trends

Article index :

The floral print for shower curtains
Other patterns for shower curtains
Colors in shower curtains

The floral print for shower curtains

latest designs of shower curtains floral pattern
flower pattern shower curtains
The floral pattern is definitely the currently fashionable print, either for fashion or for decorating the house, including shower curtains. In fact we can buy models as " vintage "like this that we see here and you can also look great in bathrooms that are small because they provide stylish and are very decorative.

latest designs of shower curtains floral pattern

If desired we can also meet with shower curtains with floral pattern although not as striking as the first. This type of curtains with flowers in one color and the bottom of another (in a very soft tone), can also be perfect for the "vintage" style.

latest designs of shower curtains floral pattern

The green is one of the shades of the season so it may be a good choice for shower curtains and such for designs like this that recreates some green leaves . Again textile combined with the same color.

Other patterns for shower curtains:

latest designs of shower curtains navy style
navy style shower curtain
The "navy" style is very fashionable so we can choose it as a pattern for the curtain in the bathroom. Models like this can make you get your bathroom look more current, more "fresh" for the summer and of course, much more original.

latest designs of kids shower curtains
kids shower curtains
For those who have young children secure a shower curtain with children's motifs will be a very good idea because kids can have fun while banana.

 latest designs of shower curtains for retro bathroom

The "retro" or "60's" style is also fashionable among the prints of this 2013 and indeed for bathroom curtains podemos find graphics that remind us much of the above, whether or not this shades like brown mixed with purple.

 latest designs of shower curtains for rustic bathroom

For you to have a rustic bathroom can always opt for the pictures, a pattern that is not a lot in the case of shower curtains, but also has examples like this that we see above.

 latest designs of shower curtains art style

For you to have a modern bathroom or a curtain that ye stand itself is always recommended designs like this, where we see many bold colors and also a pictorial drawing that recreates a surreal picture.

Colors in shower curtains :

burgundy shower curtains

The warm colors, such as blue or red, or this burgundy, can be very nice if for example you have a bathroom with furniture in lighter shades. thus can do like the picture and match the color of the curtain all bathroom textiles.

latest shower curtains for modern bathroom 2014

The color combination is something that is also present trend. As if curtains bath modern style, we can choose designs like this forming a "block color ' current and that you bring a lot of style.