15 Creative bookshelves and modern modular designs ideas

In the age of popularization of digital literature, the need for space for books diminished. But in fact, for the true fans of reading - bookcases is a necessary part of the interior. 

15 creative bookshelves designs and modern modular designs ideas, photos,creative shelves designs and shelving ideas for books in new styles and contemporary ideas

If you looking about contemporary designs of shelves and bookshelves or book case, i can help you to get your prefer design, i have provided many albums and ideas of wall shelves, for example Italian shelves modular design ideas and i suggest this section of Shelves to see a lot of bookshelves designs

Creative bookshelves and modern modular designs ideas
In addition to the classical approach to the bookshelves, modern designers offer a completely new shelving solutions that significantly saves space. Wide selection of materials allows us to produce mobile and light weight in shelves and cabinets, which are visually'll ship room and will be a great help for the bookworm. Geometric shapes on the shelves today are very popular - of the individual modules can be folded various compositions - both wall and floor. Furniture Designers often offer totally unusual and original forms of racks, which can perfectly fit into the interior in the style of high-tech and modern. In this case, book shelves may be made ​​of metal or plastic, and to be colored in any color. Besides traditional materials for shelving, designers commonly use such as billing glass, stone, fiber structure and an artificial stone. Each year international exhibitions furniture designer studios from around the world, "compete" on the original form of shelves, offering consumers all the new and exciting design solutions of living space. bookshelves in addition to its intended use, in addition, serve as decorative elements - they decorate the apartment and give it a certain charm. creativity, mobility, wide the possibility of stylistic solutions, a variety of materials, colors and textures - attracts creative-minded designers to create beautiful, practical, concise and complex-shaped bookshelves.

The 16 Creative Cups and Mugs designs of coffee photos

Designers do not cease to excite imagination and creativity, creating new and unusual cups and mugs. We bring you the most interesting instances created recently: In my opinion, a bowl of wisdom should look that way. mug avid golfer who does not want to part with your favorite sport even during the tea party. Darth Vader forever! Of these cups, I think, especially interesting to drink kiddies: poured the liquid, be it tea or milk, takes the form of animals. Mug set for a big company: with crosses placed on the sides, you can carry at a time, several mugs. mug by designer Jorine Oorsterhoff for those who likes to amuse others. mugs tails. Package "Smile panda." On the creation of this service under the name "Cadarache" designer inspired nuclear research center Cadarache, located in the Bouches-du-Rhone on the Cote d'Azur, France. This mug is perfect for this pedant , do not set it correctly - on the nose - and the kiss will be! Leisurely help pass the time here are the mugs from the design studio Chillichilly. Mugs for every mood. mug wheels for fans of the brand "Land Rover". measuring cup for cat lovers . mug with saucer from the original designer Erdem Selek: if you really poured tea on the saucer, let it be entertaining. This mug mustache protect from getting wet during the tea party. Mug-recipe: expose at every level of the ingredients and your favorite drink will be able to make any colleague. Original sets with an interesting visual effect: the distorted words written on porcelain saucers, you can easily read only on the cups with a smooth surface.

Unique and creative cup and mugs of coffee, it's top creative cups and mugs designs, models, styles, cool cups and mugs designs, Unusual cups and mugs photos

Cool and creative cups and mugs designs photos:

Creative Cup and Mugs designs of coffee, cool cups and mugs
cool cups and mugs birds styles
cool black cup, golf cup and mug
 creative cups and mugs, cool black cup

cool mug of tea
cool mugs cats styles
cool cups and mugs panda styles designs

cool cups and mugs styles, creative mugs designs
unique cool mug with wheels, creative cups and mugs
cat's cups and mugs in different sizes and colors
cool and creative mug of coffee
creative cup and mugs of tea and coffee
unusual cups and mugs creative designs

Colorful interior cozy house in San Diego, Summer decorations

Colorful interior cozy house in San Diego, Summer decorations
It is a journey into the American home is curious not only bright colors and combinations of colors incendiary, but also the ability to properly dispose of decorators square meters. Interesting ideas for keeping things (built-ins), and the establishment of special zones in the house - a special horse of this work. Its author - Kristy Kropat, the owner of the studio Kropat Interior Design from California.

Owners of homes built in the mid-60s, could hardly imagine how radically change the face of their homes with the arrival of a decorator. It is partly changed in layout + is very significant - in terms of style and color scheme. Now there year-round summer reigns, filling the home life with optimism and a real firework of colors. However, the inclusion of each color is thought out very professionally.

Consider a beautiful, modern and very efficient interior of a small house in San Diego - 39 pictures interior decor and 8 pictures courtyard.
Interior room:
Decorator removed the partition between the living room and kitchen, as a result there was a comfortable joint space. It includes a living room, dining room and kitchen. Frameless furniture (sofa, chair and ottoman, coffee table employee) beckons with open arms. Location bookcases "behind the sofa" allow us to focus on the recreation area, and roomy closets, but almost invisible.

The main color here - relaxing shades of blue. Facing the fireplace mosaic pattern intersects with carpet and color - and also with a large picture on the wall and upholstery. However, given the proximity to the kitchen and dining area, where there are light orange accents.

Interior kitchen-dining room:
Surprisingly positive atmosphere kitchen-dining room provided by a combination of orange and white. The set of bright parts does not seem intrusive. The secret - a large number of white contour lines, all fronts of kitchen cabinets or uniformly white, or - with frosted glass. Pay attention to the chairs around the table: they also have a two-tone finish gracefully repeating palette of dishes.

In the last two photos in this section shows clearly how you can use even a very narrow spaces that remain after the standard width of the furniture. A tiny little door hides a functional compartment - for some subjects it will fit perfectly.

summery kitchen with dining room, colorful interior cozy house

Interior Home Office:
A special pride decorator - the ability to provide a host home office, without the use of a private room. Quite simply, in a wide corridor set a couple of short walls and a door made ​​of aluminum roll-shutters. Now, wanting to work or keep house accounts, the hosts lifted the curtain, and behind it lies a roomy work space with lots of shelves and a pair of cabinets with drawers (under a long top). Juicy orange color of the walls in this area raises the tone perfectly.

interior home office, colorful interior cozy house

Interior Bedrooms:
Someone perceives bed with lots of storage compartments as necessary decision, but you can look at it as a challenge to your creativity. Sleeper white colors with natural wood does not look bulky, but contains a lot of things, including even shoes.
Blue and blue like the owners of the house, but it does not require an impression of space, both in the living room. Therefore decorator chose the spectacular wallpaper with a large figure for accent walls and curtains saturated colors, and mutes the bright lights.

Interior family room:
This room - to stay in the family, but sometimes it is a guest bathroom. The color palette - more juicy and reminiscent of the origin of the house - a time when bright colors side by side with the situation '60s.

summer family room, colorful interior cozy house

Child's bedroom and playroom:
children sleep and play surrounded by the most colorful and joyful colors. But in the bedroom decor is more calm and limited stripes on the walls. And in the games room soloed multicolor striped wall and floor covering made ​​of colorful squares. In simple form on the shelves will have plenty of space to store toys and books.

Entrance to the house and back yard:
With color of the facade seems that the house grows out of nature itself. Juicy green and aqua tone nicely combined with bright yellow lounge chairs on the terrace and dark hardwood flooring, framed insets of sea pebbles.