Charming English home with an atypical history

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unusual history of English house
There is a widespread belief that the British - incredible snobs. They are very picky about the origin - of people and animals, things and houses. But sometimes there are happy exceptions. It is a journey - a vivid example of the striking creativity, to turn an old public building in old luxury mansion.

But everything - from the beginning.

Many purebred English homes clearly seen a certain style of construction - the medieval, Georgian, Tudor, Edwardian or Victorian. The same house will not fit into any classification, because it was built at all like an apartment building.

A few centuries ago it was a facility for military drill marches in the 19th century - and the secular dance halls, in the 20th century - the cinema. It was only a couple of decades ago, thanks to the efforts of previous owners of the building was demolished to make room for a garden, and construction - turned into a private home.

Today it live spouses Hassan, a tireless visionary Vicki and her husband, Andrew, helped his wife carry out all the ideas. Look what shape they purchased the house, which is especially surprising given the modest budget situation.

The house is located on a slope, so the majority of the living space is concentrated on the first floor. The previous owners started to internal conversion from that found huge French windows from floor to ceiling. The house was filled with light instantly.

unusual history of English house

current mistress, Vicki loves the old days, creativity, but does not like to save. Ancient walls, columns, doors and floors have been carefully restored by the previous owners, so she went to "ready". But the purchase of furniture and decoration took a lot of time, because Vicky was sure such an unusual space deserves an equally unusual situation.

unusual history of English house

Because the funds had not very much, most of the items - it's either Grandma's legacy (as, for example, a couple of chairs, Berger), or things from the auction eBay, inherited the hostess at a record-low prices. Some of the furniture was very shabby appearance, but in the capable hands of Vicki and her husband forgot charm was restored. Please note that furniture and decor a bit, but all that is perfectly fit into the interior.

Today, as with the design of the house is finished, hobby Wiki - gather together and prepare a Sunday meal. They are developing a long menu, and then all involved in its implementation ...

You say, well is not accepted, especially from the British? But in a house with such an unusual story it does not seem so strange. It's - a fascinating game that delivers fun and guests and hosts ...

In the back yard there are small houses - a gypsy caravan and Hobbit Castle, built by former owners for their children. Sadiq is filled with roses, hollyhocks and bushes arrows digitalis. And on the green grass lounging two happy cats undetermined breed.

As baleen-striped, this house can boast a perfect pedigree, but thanks to the love and creative vein hosts it turned into a charming and comfortable accommodation.

unusual history of English house

Serving trays on the walls - 24 unusual decor ideas

Serving trays on the walls unusual decor ideas
Today, the boundaries of creativity in interior design simply does not exist. Even in traditional styles allowed the original solutions, which our ancestors could not imagine. If you prefer a modern style - on the role of decoration, you can choose anything you want. The wall - is no exception.

Do not think that the original objects on the walls will look primitive and too "amateurish." Even the famous decorators often use unexpected methods, which we have repeatedly told. Wicker food and ceiling medallions, frames (no content) and exotic hats, patchwork and blackboards - agree that all of these items were originally created for entirely different purposes! But today they adorn the walls, turning the default planes in the "gallery of fantasy."

And here we offer another unusual technique - decorating the walls serving tray.Perhaps in your household is a dining utensils are available. Perhaps trays inherited, were bought in travel or once donated by relatives. What unites them is that now you do not use them. And they yearn, inconsolable, in the far cupboard or pantry

Our suggestion: look for these trays and give them a chance at a new life! And if such a device cheat you, but suitable trays found in the house - go to the store of interesting little things for the kitchen-dining room and find something that will become a new decoration for the walls. Attach to the back of the loop for a picture and hang it wherever you feel appropriate.

See how the original look Serving trays on the walls and you can think of as a supplement to it - 24 photo ideas unusual decor.

how to decorate a wall serving tray:

What is suitable for wall decor trays:

completely free - where other decor will not be noticeable, trays, for sure, to draw attention;
on low furniture (console table or dresser);
around the mirror (including - in combination with decorative plates) or wall sconce.

A single tray looks too lonely, you will need at least two copies. And if it's still the one - place it in the
center of the wall composition of the pan (for example, plates or dishes) or select a larger model. But, of course, the most impressive decoration - when the trays are many, but all of them - in the same style or the same material.

If you want to make the interior, decorated serving tray on the walls, looked decent, - trays sure to consider compatibility with other elements, style and color scheme of the room.

Serving trays on the walls unusual decor ideas

Additions to the original trays for wall decor:

Want to turn a serving tray in the original mat for the other decor? This is even more bold and unusual move! Put them on the photos (modern or retro), glue beautiful plates or mirror.

Fans of romance can add a graceful bow, and fans of classical solutions - adjusted trays wall racks, such as rail.

Serving trays on the walls unusual decor ideas
If you like the elegant solution - look decorative glass trays, they often make a mount for hanging on the wall.

Like the vintage look? Decorate trays with paper or fabric rosettes, floral motifs, birds and butterflies, add a hand or belt.

Serving trays on the walls unusual decor ideas

Trays as board-organizers:

And if you want a serving tray played not only decorative, but also practical role - turn it into an original board-up reminders. It will require only a metal tray magnets!

Like the idea of ​​the slate to write on, but have not yet figured out how to implement it? Simply apply to the inside of the tray special paint, hang it on the wall in the kitchen or next to a desk and write whatever you want!

Serving trays on the walls unusual decor ideas

Best 10 creative kids room ceilings design ideas, cool ceilings

This is the true place for every one looking about best kids room ceiling in creative designs ideas, 10 creative ceilings designs ideas for cool kids room in different themes and styles, it's exclusive designs of best kids room ceilings.

Best creative kids room ceilings design ideas, cool ceilings with LED lights
The children all may be unusual and a bit more daring than in other rooms of the house. It can translate any fancy your child and what you are dreaming of a child.

As for the ceiling, even at a very early age kids often pay attention to it. It's - the sky above his personal little world. And it, too - the object of fantasy. That is why, if the opportunity arises, it is worth to come up with something really unusual or funny, but always understandable to the child.

In this collection we have gathered 10 of the draft children's rooms with a truly original design of the ceiling . These are different styles and designs, colors and themes. But they differ on what can appear in other rooms of the house.

Leading theme of "Heaven" (several variations) and "flowers" (also different ideas).But there are other, less original stories. Some of the projects can be considered from different angles.

Find an idea that will appeal to you and your child, and let the wonder of it all will help the child develop his talents!

Best creative kids room ceilings design ideas, cool ceilings with LED lights
This is one of the best ceilings for kids room, made of gypsum board by creative ideas, I think that ceiling will be very beautiful in the girls room too and will you give stylish look in your girls room interior.

Best creative kids room ceilings design ideas, cool ceilings and pop wall
Best creative kids room ceilings design ideas, cool ceiling like a blue sky
Best creative kids room ceilings design ideas, cool ceilings
Best creative kids room ceilings design ideas, cool ceilings
Best creative kids room ceilings design ideas, cool ceilings
Best creative kids room ceilings design ideas, cool ceiling styles
There are many kids room ceiling catalogs that i provided it recently and i suggest this link for you ( Top catalog of modern false ceiling designs for kids room ).

Best creative kids room ceilings design ideas, cool ceiling with pop wall
Best creative kids room ceilings design ideas, cool ceiling moon and stars style